July 3, 2024

Stars in Global Health Program (Up to $150,000)

The Stars in Global Health program supports the best and brightest
Stars in Global Health Program (Up to $150,000)
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Grand Challenges Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian government through Global Affairs Canada, works closely to support bold ideas in health tech, technology, social and business innovations, commonly now as integrated Innovation. Usually, entrepreneurs from low and middle-income countries and Canada are eligible for startup funding of up to CAD$ 150000 for 18 months to develop and test the proposed idea. The Stars in Global Health by Grand Challenges Canada funds innovations that address human health impacts of climate change.


Present a proposal

The business proposal must be a proven concept combining scientific, technical, and social innovation to merit the startup funding. Thus, the grand supports innovators whose ideas aim to develop strategic partnerships that improve sustainability. The solutions should consider the aged, women, young people, indigenous, people living with disabilities and other minority groups that are vulnerable to health impacts caused by climate change. Some grand examples may include but are not limited to addressing mental and psychological health challenges caused by climate-related displacement and migration, reducing the impact caused by poor air quality on health, eradicating the effects of heat stress on health and addressing vectors and waterborne diseases.\\More importantly, the proposal must have proposal indicators and a description of how they can be monitored throughout the project. If a project cannot demonstrate proof of concept, the owner must provide reasons for how their idea would work.

Intellectual Property

The fund only supports ideas whose intellectual rights are not owned by a third-party institution. The third party must grant the application adequate license rights to allow for eventual scaling in the given country. They must also sign an undertaking to comply with Grand's Sharing and Access for Impact Strategy.

Country of Origin

The Stars in Global Health program supports the best and brightest scientists and innovators from low- and middle-class income countries and in Canada. Locally led organizations that are well connected with the communities are excellent candidates for the application can also apply. Consequently, Francophone entities in western and central Africa are strongly encouraged to apply.

Nature of Enterprise

Social enterprises and other legally recognized organizations such as non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, for-profit, limited liability companies, and academic or research institutions are eligible to apply.


The grants are given out in rounds with the twelfth being CAD $ 150000 for 18 months to develop and test the health tech. Stars in Global Health portfolio has supported 813 unique ideas with CAD $ 833 million in 11 rounds in some 84 low and middle come so far. Out of this, 70% were institutionally based in low- and middle-income countries. On the other hand,40% were led by women-identified innovators. On this account, the gender balance of leadership projects has improved significantly.\\The grand has 30 seeds, of which 60% will be directed to sub-Saharan Africa. However, while matched funding is not a requirement, inventors are encouraged to secure co-funding. The granted entities will then be required to take up the grand within six months upon notification.

Submission and Deadline

Applications are made through an online application accessible through the Grand Challenges Canada's Fluxx Portal. One must register by 2 pm EST on December 15th, 2022. The final submission should be made no later than December 22nd,2022, at 2 pm through the portal.


The Stars in Global Health is guaranteed funding for new scientific ideas aiming to curb climate change's impact. Entities who are from Canada. low and middle income are eligible for application. Fill out an online application and submit your proposal. For more information, click here

July 3, 2024
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