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Connecting Black Tech Entrepreneurs to the Local Innovation Ecosystem

At BBVA, we are committed to shaping a more inclusive future by empowering Black-led technology ventures in Western Canada.
Our team is committed to nurturing your tech venture from the ground up. With individualized business model coaching, and expertise in ecosystem navigation, we turn your entrepreneurial dreams into viable, scalable realities.

Our mentorship from seasoned industry experts, bespoke educational programs, and workshops are designed to build confidence and capabilities. We facilitate essential connections, helping you secure funding and other resources for your venture.
About Us

One-on-One Coaching

We deliver personalized guidance every step of the way, ensuring your business model is robust, and your market strategy is solid.
Coaching Services
Business Model Coaching
Individualized Support
Market Validation

Ecosystem Navigation

We connect you with the innovation ecosystem's necessary resources, knowledge, and networks.
Ecosystem Navigation Services
Navigating Funding Landscape
Connecting you to other Resources
Masterclasses & Roundtables


Facilitating powerful connections, between Black founders and the innovation ecosystem.
Annual Launch Party
Digital Community for Founders
Networking Events


Promotion of success and the strategic addressing of challenges through research and publications.
Success Stories
Identify Barriers
Profer Solutions

Our Process

Address challenges with personalized solutions. Our coaching process delivers expertise, collaboration, and founder-centric strategies for success.
"Elevated to industry leaders."
Step 1

Kick-off Meetings

We begin by sitting down together to unpack your entrepreneurial vision. This is our chance to get to know each other – your passions, your business idea, and the challenges you’re facing.
First Chat
Goals Sync-Up
Roadmap Crafting
Step 2

Tailoring Your Success Path

Now, we roll up our sleeves and get down to the nitty-gritty. This phase is all about refining your business model and arming you with the tools you need to thrive.
Business Model Deep Dive
Skills Sprout
Coach Match-Up
Step 3

Connecting the Dots

Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and this stage is all about weaving you into the broader innovation ecosystem. It’s time to build bridges to new opportunities, resources, and communities.
Resource Roadmap
Building Your Network
Navigating the Norms
Step 4

Ready to Fly

As our formal journey together winds down, it’s time to ensure you’re set for sustained success. This final phase is about reinforcing your newfound strength and independence.
Reflect and Refine
Strategy for the Road Ahead
Community Connection
Our Mission

Innovation in Action:
Our Mission Revealed

Our mission at Black Ventures is to drive innovation, foster excellence, and anchor every initiative with founder-focused values. We stand out because we care.
We're committed to transforming the landscape for Black founders by imparting knowledge and resources essential for tech startup success.

With a team as diverse as the community we serve, spanning regions and languages, we're here to catalyze meaningful change and elevate businesses with transformative solutions.

Join us in our journey towards creating a significant impact, paving the way for a future where diversity leads to innovation and success.
Case STudies


Explore how we partnered with Swift Solutions.
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View Case Study
"BBVA is able to help BIPOC founders like myself leverage resources to be able to navigate the cultural barriers in meeting Canadian and North American customers"


Discover the success journey of Horizon Innovations.
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View Case Study
"Strategic partnership that redefined our trajectory."
Quote Icon
Their commitment surpassed our expectations. A innovative collaboration!
Mika Johnson, CEO
View Case Study
View Case Study
Our Values

Guiding Principles:
Our Values Unveiled

At Black Business Ventures Association, our values are the fabric that binds us together, weaving a narrative of growth, integrity, and inclusivity.
‍Integrity, transparency, and honesty stand as our guiding lights, fueling every decision and interaction. We champion innovation, fostering environments where diverse perspectives meet to spark exceptional outcomes. Collaboration is our core, driving us towards shared success. These aren't just words—they are our commitment to you and the path we walk together towards making impactful strides in technology and community.
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