A Journey of Passion and Dedication

A journey fueled by passion and dedication, shaping meaningful experiences and success.

Our Story,
Our Journey

As a community, we have experienced firsthand and seen many Black tech entrepreneurs struggle. It's time to change the narrative and set role models that the new generation of Black entrepreneurs can follow. Our goal is to inspire and empower Black entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and achieve their dreams in the tech industry.
We are more than a non-profit; we are a community, a collective of individuals driven by a shared vision. Explore our story and impact, where every triumph, challenge, and decision has shaped the unique identity that defines us. Welcome to the heart of our narrative—welcome to our story.


Over 300 founders trust our expertise and services.


We've successfully helped over 100 startups to start or grow their venture.


Our focus on client satisfaction ensures a 95% happiness rate with our services.


We have helped our founders raise over CAD $3 million in venture capital and grant funding.


Join our community of over 5000 followers on our social media pages and in our digital founder hub.


Each member is a driving force, contributing unique skills, expertise, and passion to our journey.
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I love the collaborative spirit, innovation & growth opportunities here.
Elena Rodriguez
Marketing Specialist
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Our Team

Meet the catalysts of success—the individuals who form the backbone of our dynamic team. Each member is a driving force, contributing unique skills, expertise, and passion to our collective journey. In this diverse ensemble, we thrive on collaboration and innovation, fostering an environment where ideas flourish and transformative solutions take shape.

Together, we embody a shared commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of success. Join us in celebrating the spirit that sets our team apart.
Executive Director

Dipo Alli

Program Manager

Moustafa Osman

Operations Manager

Faith Oyende

Community Coordinator

Boluwarin Monehin

Program Coordinator

Won-sun Mbengeni

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