Samuel Adeyemo

May 23, 2024
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Early Life

Samuel Adeyemo is an inspiring entrepreneur who is making waves in the renewable energy space. With a passion for sustainability and a drive to reduce global carbon emissions, he founded Aurora Solar. This innovative company uses solar tech to make clean energy accessible for businesses and individuals.

Samuel was born to a professor and a teacher in Nairobi, Kenya. They moved to America, where he got a scholarship at the University Of Chicago, where he earned an A.B. in Economics from the University in 2004. In the University, Samuel was a member of Phi Beta Kappa (top 1%), chairman for the Council on University Programming, student marshal, and member of the Maroon Key Honor Society and Metcalfe Fellow.


During the same year, his father passed away, causing him to realign his life by quitting his job to get the headspace of what he wanted to do with his life.

Later, he joined Standford University in 2011, where he earned 2013 a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and continued to climb the education ladder from 2013 to 2014 in the school of earth science.

One of the people that largely impacted his life in school was Christopher Hopper, Co-Founder of Aurora market. Christopher mentored him and helped guide Samuel through the challenges of starting a business. In addition, he provided support and advice as Aurora Solar grew.

Aurora Solar

Samuel Adeyemo Aurora Solar.

Chris and Sam met in grad school and quickly hit it off, talking about their shared interests in technology and impact. They soon began discussing using solar power in rural areas of Africa and India that lacked reliable access to electricity. After months of planning and design work, they finally installed their first system in a boarding school in Kenya.

The journey that led to Aurora’s creation was when a grid PowerPoint fell within the area. Almost everyone was affected except the school that still functioned. This encounter was when the light bulb hit, and they got more requests that needed to be done at a scalable level. It became clear during this process that if they wanted to scale up their efforts, they would need better software tools. Aurora was born out of this need and has since grown into a powerful platform used by solar developers around the world.

Samuel Adeyemo’s system is unique because it tackles one of the biggest challenges in the solar roofing industry. It streamlines the process of designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels. This model saves businesses and individuals time and money that one would otherwise spend on lengthy installation procedures and costly maintenance fees. Aurora Solar’s software also provides customers with detailed data about their solar systems to help them better understand how to use and maintain them. This data can be used to optimize the system for maximum efficiency, making it more cost-effective in the long run.

The company raised seed money of 321 million dollars in 2020 and grew to be a 2 billion dollar industry. They have been helping people worldwide switch to renewable energy while creating jobs, reducing carbon emissions, and inspiring sustainable growth in developing countries.

Samuel Adeyemo’s software also gives customers access to a library of educational content on renewable energy systems, helping them make informed decisions about their solar investments. By developing this software, Samuel Adeyemo has made solar energy more accessible and affordable, making it easier for individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. His system is helping to create a greener future, one panel at a time.

Today, Samuel is taking Aurora Solar to the next level by investing more resources into developing innovative technologies and expanding its reach to more countries worldwide. He believes clean energy solutions are the key to a sustainable future, and he continues leading Aurora Solar with this vision.

His journey began in Kenya with the question, “Would you like better quality lower cost electricity?”

Early Career

Samuel Adeyemo started his career in 2004 as an Analyst, Associate at JP Morgan Chase & Co. After four years of hard work and dedication, he rose through the ranks to become the Vice President of - Chief Investment Office in 2007. During this time, Samuel gained valuable insights into how capital markets operated and honed his expertise in developing and implementing investment strategies.

From 2012 to 2014, he was President of Vituo Technologies. This experience enabled him to understand the complexities of technology development and how to lead and manage an organization.

In May 2013, Samuel co-founded Aurora Solar, now one of the leading clean energy companies in the world. Following its establishment, he took on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO): Strategy, Operations, and Engineering to help guide the company’s growth. Through his work in finance and technology, Samuel Adeyemo has developed a unique set of skills that have enabled him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in clean energy.

These experiences have allowed him to bring his expertise to Aurora Solar, where he continues to make a lasting impact on the global climate change effort. With his passion for sustainability and renewable energy solutions, Samuel Adeyemo has become a leader in the clean energy space and is an inspiring example of black excellence. He continues to lead Aurora Solar with his vision for a more sustainable future and is sure to make a lasting impact on global climate change.

In an interview, Samuel Adeyemo said, “I’m passionate about helping create clean energy solutions that are accessible and affordable for everyone. Everyone should have access to renewable energy, regardless of background and income.”

Leadership Roles & Awards

Samuel’s passion for sustainability is evident in Aurora Solar’s projects. He expresses, “By creating innovative solar tech solutions, we aim to give people the tools they need to reduce their carbon footprint and make the world a better place.”

Samuel Adeyemo’s commitment to providing clean energy solutions has been recognized across the industry. He was recently awarded “Software Product of the Year” by Solar Power World for four consecutive years, a testament to Aurora’s success. He also serves as a board member in multiple solar technology organizations, such as the Solar Energy Industry Association and Sungevity. His presence in these organizations provides a platform for collaboration and conversations about the future of solar energy.

He has been featured in notable publications such as Forbes for his success.

Adeyemo won an Innovation Transfer grant, Aurora has received a $400,000 award from the U.S. Department of Energy and secured private investment. In Climate Tech SaaS Leader Aurora Solar Secures $200 Million in Series D to Further the Digital Transformation of the Solar Ecosystem.

Samuel advocates renewable energy access and education in developing countries. He speaks at international conferences and regularly contributes to blogs on sustainability, green energy, and global development. Samuel is helping to create a more sustainable future for generations through these initiatives.

Through his work with Aurora Solar, Samuel hopes to drive global sustainability efforts into the future.

Samuel Adeyemo is an inspiring example of a Black Founder that proves anything is possible when you set your mind to it. We are proud to feature him in our Black Excellence Profiles series. It is not easy for a person of color to dominate the technology and power industry. His biography is a genuinely inspiring journey for entrepreneurs all around the world.

Today, Samuel is making a lasting impact on renewable energy with Aurora Solar. By leveraging modern technology, his team has made solar installation more manageable and cost-effective than ever. His work inspires other entrepreneurs to join the fight against climate change and make the world a better place.

Samuel Adeyemo is an excellent example of Black excellence and a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs. With his passion and dedication, he is leading the charge toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Samuel Adeyemo is part of our Black Founders50 Series. Download the complete 2023 BBVA Founders50 list here.

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