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June 4, 2024
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Early Life

Nevan Elam is an expert in management, finance, and cooperate law. He does consultations helping health and tech companies in the US. He was born on September 1967 in Silicon Valley.

He is highly knowledgeable and skilled in emerging markets. He helps companies manage their operations and remain relevant in the market. He has advised companies in different areas like financing, acquisitions, and cooperative collaboration worldwide. He has practiced his trade in the Middle East, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.


Elm is an alma mater of Howard University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. He also has a Juris from Harvard Law School. Nevan Elam has lived together with Kholoud Zaman Elam in different locations he has been in. they’re likely married with no details of children.


Nevan Elam of Rezolute

Nevan Elam is the founder of Rezolute, which he started in January 2010 while juggling a broad career path, including technology, law, and life science. He left Nektar with his colleague Hoyoung Huh to research insulin management. They formed AntriBio, which merged with Fits My Style Inc before they called the company Rezolute.

Elam, with his broad expertise, founded this biotechnology research company to help the lives of people with orphan and metabolic diseases get the right drug therapy.

The company has received total funding to the tune of $311.6M, trading with a stock symbol of NASDAQ: RZLT. It received its last funding Post-IPO Equity round on 30th April of $130 million.

The company has grown in broadening its scope by introducing RZ358 antibodies to help in diabetes treatment and enhance compliance while reducing therapeutic burden in Louisville, Colorado, United States. The experience of Elam has made Rezolute advance and lead in the treatment of congenital hyperinsulinism in children.

Elam has tirelessly worked with Rezolute on COVID-19, which has affected many people globally, while also unveiling congenital hyperinsulinism trials in 10 countries.

“In January, we would say that the goal is to complete the study in 2021, but that’s still the goal.”

But Rezolute’s big shift in clinical advancement occurred in 2017 with a fully human monoclonal antibody licensed — the current RZ-358 — from Emeryville’s Xoma Corp. (NASDAQ: XOMA) the licensing of this human monoclonal antibody in 2017 Emeryville’s Xoma Corp (NASDAQ: XOMA) to RZ-358 was a big win for them. This was a breakthrough in its clinical development.

Even though RZ-358 had a deficit of $143.7 million, Elam was determined to put work on it. He wanted to (NASDAQ: XOMA) shift it from over-the-counter stock to the main stock on the NASDAQ market.

“This is our breakout time right now,”

He founded E2open in 2000 after facing a lot of supply chain issues. He thought of a technology that would help ease the burden of people and improve delivery. E2open enables efficiency in the supply chain of telecom, computers, and electronic systems.

It’s a great platform incorporating data from customers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and more players in the supply chain sector to get real-time data with artificial intelligence to aid in better decision-making. It transforms the supply chain ecosystem in the manufacture, supply, distribution, and value of goods.

He has steered this company to tremendous growth in value, making it win various awards. The company has been very successful in integrating the supply chain.E2open under and has won the following awards:

  • 10 most promising supply chain providers from CIReview
  • Listed in the 2021 Inbound Logistics Best 100 logistics providers
  • 2020 Growth Award
  • SupplyChainBrain 2020 Great Supply Chain Partner
  • Best Technological Collaboration 2019 from SICC
  • Readers Choice Customer Satisfaction Leader 2019 from Demand Data Analytics
  • Global Product Leadership Award 2018 Frost & Sullivan
  • Top Software & Technology Provider 2017 from Food Logistics

He is estimated to be worth $35,100. He trades in the Savara Inc stock with an accumulated stock of over 1,000, translating to over $35,090. He has been trading over 1800 units every two months and still has stock units in Savar Inc of not less than 25,000.

Early Career

Nevan Elam partnered with Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati law firm for eight years before going to E2open. At E2open, he served in different roles, first as the Vice President of Business and Corporate Development, then as Chief Financial Officer, and later as an Advisor.

Elam worked as the head of the Pulmonary Business Unit and Vice president of Corporate Operations. He also doubled up as an advisor from 2005 to 2007. He later became a managing director at Konus Advisory Group, Inc until 2014 before starting Rezolute.

Leadership & Awards

Nevan Elam is currently the CEO of AeroSurgical. This AeroSurgical company is a medical company using aerosol technology from the AeroSurge Platform. He also serves as the chief executive officer and the founder of Rezolute, which offers drug therapy for orphan and metabolic disease patients.

Nevan Elam serves on the Board of Directors and is an Advisor at Aerogen, which offers a technological drug delivery system for the intensive care market. He is also on the Board of Directors at Savara Pharmaceuticals, where he doubles up as the advisor. Elam is also the Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors at AntriaBio.

He has worked in other positions, including CFO and co-founder at Zyme, which manages emerging channel data space. He has also worked at Nektar Therapeutics as the Pulmonary Business Unit Head. He initially served as a partner for eight years at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, offering legal services for technology, science, and enterprises. Elam has also been an advisor at Bay City Capital, which focuses on life science investments.

We believe that Mr. Elam’s experience advising pharmaceutical companies of their unique legal and regulatory obligations qualifies him to serve on the Board.

Nevan Elam has proved his diverse technology, law, and life science expertise and is a Black founder of different initiatives. He portrays a story of commitment and passion for offering various life-saving innovations. He has pushed throughout his career working in different sectors to help companies and organizations. Nevan Elam has proved that black founders can conquer the world by offering solutions across different industries.

Nevan Ellam is part of our Black Founders50 Series. Download the complete 2023 BBVA Founders50 list here.

BBVA envisions a vibrant Canadian technology ecosystem with significant participation from members of the Black community. We are on a mission to help establish 1000 successful, Black-led tech and tech-enabled businesses in Canada by 2030.

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