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May 27, 2024
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Early life

Feyi Olopade is a force to be reckoned with in the healthcare technology industry.

At CancerIQ, Feyi and her team are innovating new ways to use technology to better diagnose and treat cancer. The company has pioneered genetic testing to identify unique forms of treatment for each individual patient, a practice that is becoming more popular in oncology practices. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Feyi is also an avid runner and yoga enthusiast. She loves spending time with family, exploring new places, and spending time in nature, which provides her with solace and clarity.

Feyi has been recognized for her inspiring work and leadership in the oncology industry, most recently receiving the Women in Technology Award from The National Center for Women & Information Technology. She is a trailblazer in healthcare technology, paving the way for a new generation of female to make their mark. Feyi is a living example of Black Excellence, and her work will continue to impact the healthcare industry for years to come.


Feyi was born in Chicago and is the daughter of Nigerian medical professionals. Growing up in an environment where her parents emphasized the importance of education, Feyi developed a passion for exploring scientific research to further her knowledge and understanding of healthcare. Feyi grew up in a multicultural environment that exposed her to different aspects of the healthcare system.

This inspired her to develop innovative solutions-driven approaches to improve and revolutionize healthcare locally and globally. Her upbringing also instilled in her an ambition for creating impactful change through entrepreneurship, ultimately leading to the founding of CancerIQ. Feyi attended the University of Chicago, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a focus on Genetics.

After graduating from college, she participated at the Harvard School of Public Health, where she received her Master’s in Global Health and Population. She also completed clinical research internships at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago Medical Center.

Cancer IQ

Feyi Olopade CancerIQ.

Born in 1988, Feyi has always been passionate about technology and data science, even at a very young age. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Princeton University before pursuing a research-intensive doctorate program at Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout her academic journey, Feyi was driven to solve problems she saw in the healthcare industry. This passion was the driving force behind her founding of CancerIQ, a company that provides data-driven solutions for oncology providers and their patients.

Feyi Olopade is an incredible example of Black excellence and innovation. Starting her career in the healthcare industry, she saw a need to help individuals better manage their health conditions and prevent chronic illnesses like cancer. In 2016, Feyi was inspired to establish CancerIQ — a mobile-first platform that empowers individuals to take proactive steps in their health and connects them to personalized treatment plans.

CancerIQ allows individuals to take a proactive approach to managing their medical risks, including a Health History Questionnaire that helps identify genetic and lifestyle risks associated with cancer. The platform also offers personalized reports and provides recommendations based on individual responses. CancerIQ is transforming healthcare by connecting individuals to more customized care and providing real-time clinical decision support.

The innovative platform has significantly impacted healthcare, and Feyi Olopade’s work has been featured in several prestigious publications such as Forbes and The New York Times. In an interview with the latter, Feyi expressed her ambition for the platform:

Early Career

Feyi Olopade began her career in consulting, working with the likes of Deloitte and Monitor Group. She gained a wealth of experience by helping to launch United Airlines’ loyalty program and developing global strategies for Nestlé’s Nutrition Institute. Feyi’s journey as an investor started when she founded CancerIQ which helps healthcare providers reduce their risk of missing cancer cases.

Through her work, Feyi has empowered healthcare providers to proactively diagnose and treat cancer through technology and data-driven intelligence. Feyi’s passion for using technology to improve health outcomes extends beyond her business. As a member of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics, she is on a mission to help guide the community toward clinical advancements.

Feyi Olopade has been a true leader in her field and an inspiration to many. Her work truly exemplifies Black excellence.

CancerIQ’s success has been attributed mainly to Feyi’s determination and passion for using technology to make a difference in healthcare. Feyi earned her degree from the University of Chicago, which helped her become the successful businesswoman she is today. In an interview with WBEZ Chicago, Feyi said, “I owe my success to my education and the mentors and professors I had at the University of Chicago.” Her education greatly impacted her life and career trajectory, paving the way for her to make an enormous impact in healthcare. With CancerIQ’s success, Feyi has become a role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

The impact Feyi has had on healthcare with CancerIQ cannot be understated. She is a prime example of black excellence, showing the world what one can achieve with education and determination. Feyi has set an inspiring example for all those looking to make a difference in the world through their work.

The impact Feyi has had on healthcare with CancerIQ cannot be understated. Through her work, she has helped countless people by proactively diagnosing and treating cancer, thus saving lives. Feyi is a prime example of Black excellence, showing the world what one can achieve with education and determination. Her success inspires many, and her passion for using technology to improve health outcomes shows that anything is possible. Feyi has set an inspiring example for all those looking to make a difference in the world through their work.

Feyi Olopade is an outstanding example of Black excellence and a leader in her field. Her entrepreneurial journey began in consulting, where she was involved in developing global strategies for Nestlé’s Nutrition Institute and launching United Airlines’ loyalty program. Through CancerIQ, Feyi has empowered healthcare providers to proactively diagnose and treat cancer while furthering technology and data-driven intelligence within the healthcare industry. With her degree from the University of Chicago, Feyi has become a role model for many aspiring economists. Her determination and passion for making an impact in healthcare are genuinely inspiring and exemplify what one can achieve with education and hard work.

In an interview with Forbes, Feyi said, “We need to be proactive in leveraging technology for better healthcare outcomes—especially in areas like cancer prevention.”

Leadership Roles and Awards

Feyi Olopade’s commitment to improving healthcare is evident in her dedication to her community. She volunteers with the American Cancer Society and is an Advisory Board member for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, both of which advocate for better treatments and education around cancer prevention. She has been honored with the Chicago Business Innovation Awards, Chicago Health Executives Forum 25 to Watch Award, and a Top Innovator Under 35.

In addition, Feyi has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Crain’s Chicago Business Magazine, and Ebony Magazine. Feyi Olopade is an inspiring leader who strives to make a difference in the healthcare industry. Her mission to use technology and data to improve cancer prevention is to help make healthcare more accessible and equitable. Feyi Olopade’s profile is part of our Black Excellence Series, which celebrates the accomplishments of African American investors like her who are making a positive impact in their communities.

Feyi Olopade has made waves in the field of health technology with her cancer risk assessment platform, CancerIQ. She is a master at remedying the disparities between patient care and access to healthcare, which is why she founded this groundbreaking venture in 2014. CancerIQ harnesses insights from patients’ data to detect cancer risks earlier, allowing them to take preventive measures in time. By making this technology accessible, CancerIQ has been able to help more people access timely and effective healthcare.

Feyi Olopade’s vision of providing quality healthcare for all is backed by her team’s unwavering determination. Since its launch, CancerIQ has been supported by several investors, including Boost VC and 500 Startups, who have collectively contributed more than $4 million towards the platform’s development. Feyi’s resilience is a testament to her dedication to making healthcare accessible for all. Her unrelenting ambition and passion will continue to push boundaries, revolutionizing patient care and paving the way for a healthier future.

Her contribution to healthcare is an inspiring example of true Black Excellence. Feyi Olopade is a trailblazer in health technology, leading the charge toward accessible quality care for all patients with her platform CancerIQ. She epitomizes Black Excellence - her dedication, resilience, and ambition will continue to revolutionize the healthcare industry and ensure a healthier future for everyone.

Feyi Olopade is part of our Black Founders50 Series. Download the complete 2023 BBVA Founders50 list here.

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