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Join the Black Seed Accelerator program for Black-led tech and tech-enabled startups and turn your idea into paying clients in 12 weeks.

Closing date August 8th

Next program workshop: September 13th - November 29th, 2022

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Validate Your Idea

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Find Funding

Most Black entrepreneurs in Canada only have access to startup loans rather than non-repayable funding.

Our program presents a significant opportunity to invest in underrepresented Black tech founders and startups and drives significant economic outcomes.


The Black Seed Accelerator Program

The Black Seed Accelerator program gives you the roadmap to success for your tech-enabled startup



The Black Seed Accelerator uses this Playbook to DESIGN, TEST and PITCH your tech-enabled startup


  • Design your business models

  • Identify and prioritize risk assumptions

  • Communicate and idea clearly with stakeholders


  • Test whether and idea is worth pursuing

  • Stress-test using small and fast experiments

  • Test customer interviews to learn from customers' responses


  • Practice pitches to customers

  • Build a company-wide dashboard

  • Operate and make decisions under conditions of extreme uncertainty


  • Get recommendations for suitable grants

  • Get support to apply for grants

  • Meet and establish relationship with interested investors


  • Bi-weekly coaching calls

  • Homework & Assignments

  • 1-1 Sessions with coaches

  • Pop-up workshops from Black Founders

  • Office hours with BBVA Director

Apply Now

Closing date August 8th

Join a Cohort of Black-led Tech Startups for a 12-week program

Our Black Seed Accelerator program allows you to leverage our expertise and network to grow your idea from vision to a scalable startup

What We're Looking for

Founder Composition

A Black led founder and preference for a team with a founder and co-founder

Early Stage

Just starting your business within the past 18 months.


Startup should be based in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba

Tech-Driven or Tech-Enabled

A company or startup where technology is the core part of the solution

Program Features

100% Online

Access 100% virtual online curriculum, mentorship and networks


Focusing on early-stage companies, registered by Black-led tech founders with global market potential

Equity Free

We do not require any equity from your startup. We value your time and commitment

Meet Your Coaches

We’ve made sure to create a program where cohorts are supported by industry experts in the ecosystem

team member Omi
Omi Iyamu
ACE, CTO & Co-Founder, (ex-Google, ex-Microsoft Product Manager)
team member Aisha
Aisha Addo
Power To The Girl Foundation, Founder & Mentor
team member Emma
Emmanuel Oluwatosin
StartupCourt, Director & Co-Founder, (ex- Microsoft, ex- Nokia)
team member Ijeoma
Ijeoma Madueke, CFA
Sustainalytics, Manager
team member Shar
Sahr Saffa
Sauce Labs, Product Marketing Manager

Your Business Can Both Survive and Thrive For Years To Come

Join The Black Seed Accelerator Program with these 3 simple steps


Join the cohort

Join the Black Seed Accelerator program at no cost to you, and you do not have to give up equity.


Learn the Playbooks

Eliminate the frustration and confusion of not knowing what to do next.


Grow Your Business

Create a business that investors are thrilled to invest in and turn your vision into reality.

The Program

Applications Open
May 2nd, 2022
Applications Close
August 8th, 2022
Program Starts
September 13th, 2022
Program Ends
November 29th, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

We work in 3 phases to access your application.
Phase 1: Submit your application online.
Phase 2: Shortlisted teams will participate in a virtual interview.
Phase 3: Selected candidates will be notified ahead of the program start date.

By August 22nd (The program start date is on September 13th ).

We’re focused on the Prairie region because there are currently no existing programs for Black tech founders in this region.



We recommend that you allocate 15-20 hours a week to get the most out of the accelerator.

Although this is a live program, startup teams are expected to complete biweekly sprint activities and course modules for their startups and will held accountable by their coaches at a biweekly meeting.

Ideally, we’d prefer that you have a co-founder or another person working with the founder and part of the program. If you already have a multi-disciplinary team of 3-5 people and would like to work together on the same company project, you can participate as a team.

We’re looking for early stage companies, either registered or planned to be registered, with an MVP or initial MVP, with early traction or no traction yet, by underrepresented founders with global market potential.

Our goal is to have more black founders start and succeed in their technology business. We do this by connecting the black community to the resources available in the technology ecosystem.

At the end of the program founders are expected to have their first paying customers and confidence about their business idea. In addition, founders will understand the next steps or actions required for them to grow and scale their business. They will also be equipped with the knowledge on how to access local resources ( financial, mentorship and partnerships) required for them to grow their startup.